What is the CCS Program?

CCS is a nonprofit organization committed to job site safety by requiring a substance abuse prevention and drug and alcohol testing program which all contractors and subcontractors working in CCS member facilities agree to adopt as a minimum standard and require their employees/laborers and agents to comply with its provisions.
CCS stands for Coalition for Construction Safety. The CCS Program was formerly known as the MICCS Program.

Who is required to participate?

All contractors and subcontractors working on participating owner’s/member’s sites who require compliance with the CCS testing program.

How does a contractor/subcontractor get started and obtain CCS substance abuse cards for their employees?

                     Contact our Admin Team at Admins@midwesttox.com or (317) 269-3030 for program start up procedures.

Can a contractor/subcontractor use their existing drug test results to obtain CCS cards?

Yes, if their current testing meets the minimum standards of the CCS program. CCS cards will be issued for all current valid tests that are submitted to the database administrator.

Are there other programs that have reciprocity with the CCS program?

The following is a list of the other programs and contact information for the MTS Team that handles the program.

IUCSAT – Indiana Union Construction Substance Abuse Trust
- Email Team 9 or call 317/269-3009 - also see www.iucsat.org

ISPTA/MCAI – Indiana State Pipe Trades Association/Mechanical Contractors Association of Indiana
- Email Team 4 or call 317/269-3004

Quality Connection (IBEW Local 481)
- Email Team 3 or call 317/269-3003

Indiana Association of Heat & Frost Insulators & Asbestos Workers Local 18
- Email Team 10 or call 317/269-3008

SWIBT – Southwestern Indiana Building Trades and Employers
- Email Team 10 or call 317/269-3008

ABC – Associated Builders & Contractors
- Email Team 2 or call 317/269-3002

COATS – Construction Owners Association of the Tri State
- Email Team 5 or call 317/269-3005

If a contractor/subcontractor doesn’t have a drug testing program already in place, how can they get one set up?

Please contact our Admin Team at Admins@midwesttox.com or call 317-269-3030.


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                                                           in a manner consistent with their company goals and expectations.

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