DISA offers complete program administration for all types of clients including:

·          DOT modes including FMCSA, FTA, PHMSA, and FAA

·          Non-regulated and private industries including unions, manufacturing, transportation, construction, and others

·          Student-Athletes


Total Program Administration includes the following options:


Policy Development

·          Assistance provided to determine policy needs or review of existing policy for DOT compliance or company policy


Personnel Training

·          Employee Education and Supervisor Training for DOT compliance or company policy.


Random Selection Program

·          Initial set up and ongoing update of consortium or your own company pool. Separate pools will be established for DOT and non-regulateed covered emaployees.


Specimen collection for Drug Test

·          Collectors are professionally trained to meet DOT requirements.

·          Use of electronic chain of custody capabilities through eScreen network of collection sites.

·          On-site collectors with mobile unit - saves money and time for company employees.

·          Collection sites can be set up across the U.S. in all 50 states.


SAMHSA certified laboratory

·          All specimens tested by a DHHS accredited laboratory.


Medical Review Officer (MRO) service

·          All test results reported and reviewed by a Certified MRO.


Breath alcohol testing with evidential breath testing devices (EBT)

·          All tests performed by a certified Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT). ·          EBTs meet standards set by NHTSA and required by DOT.


Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Referral

·          Referral service provided for qualified SAPs in your local area


DOT annual reports/audits

·          Annual report prepared each calendar year and we provide assistance with DOT audits.


Blind performance tests

·          Mandatory DOT required blind performance testing included at no extra charge.


Program management & update

·          Program help available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

·          Ongoing update of information for DOT compliance.


Alternate Testing Matrixes

·          POCT (Point of collection test) - on-site quick drug test (results in 3-5 min.).

·          Hair analysis - examines up to a 90 day window of past drug use. Custom panels available.

·          Oral Fluid Testing - recommeded for detection of very recent drug usage.


Database Management

·          Customize database and reports to meet client's needs.


        Our Mission:    To provide excellent program management and services to our clients
                                  in a manner consistent with their company goals and expectations.

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